Comprehensive data on Canada's COVID-19 epidemic.

Comprehensive data on the COVID-19 epidemic in Canada.

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Our dataset is also available through our JSON API.

Every day our team collects, cross-checks, and reports the latest information on confirmed and presumptive positive COVID-19 cases, patient outcomes (including deaths and recoveries), as well as tests at the Canadian provincial/territorial or health region-level. Data are entered in a spreadsheet with each line representing a unique case, including age, sex, location, and history of travel, where applicable. Sources are included as a reference for each entry.

We encourage you to use our open access dataset, but there are a few things you should know:

  • We update our dataset once a day between 8pm and 10pm EST, which reflects cases publicly reported up to that point.

  • All our data are exclusively collected from publicly available sources, including government reports/releases and accredited news media. Not all provinces/territories report all data daily, which means we can’t either—but rest assured, we report when they report.

  • We do not automatically web-scrape our data or attempt to offer a live feed. Our data is gathered and double-checked manually by our volunteer-based team as well as by our data validation scripts.

  • In our collection efforts we emphasize spatial and temporal accuracy for our dataset. When health region information is changed by a province (most commonly removed from “Not Reported” to a specified health region or to correct an error) we assume redistribution of the most recent cases accordingly. We include a note in the additional notes variable for cases where we have made any change to health region information.

  • Our data is licensed by Creative Commons Attribution 4.0, which means it is free to use for any purpose with appropriate attribution. Recommended citation for the dataset: Berry I, Soucy J-PR, Tuite A, Fisman D. Open access epidemiologic data and an interactive dashboard to monitor the COVID-19 outbreak in Canada. CMAJ. 2020 Apr 14;192(15):E420. doi: 10.1503/cmaj.75262.

You can find more detailed information about our data collection process, definitions, and sources in our Technical Report.