CCODWG Projects

Ongoing analyses and projects led by our team.

Our volunteer-based team is leading various project to enhance our dataset and dashboard.

Current projects:

  • Evaluation report: Our team is conducting an evaluation to understand and characterize the users of the COVID-19 dashboard and datasets, identify the perceived utility of the dashboard/dataset, and areas of strength and improvement from the perspective of its users, and to assess the perceived outcomes of the dashboard and dataset. We will be looking for your feedback—stay tuned for a survey link to this soon.

  • Data linkage: As some provinces have recently released individual-level datasets—including age, sex, and travel information, our team is working to align these with our datasets to enhance the demographic data available for each case. We have developed probabilistic data linkage algorithms to match this case data with our Working Group datasets—while preserving our current data structure (including the public report date). Currently, we have the algorithm completed for Ontario, and we are updating this for the other provinces with available datasets.

  • Automated archive of Canadian COVID-19 data: We host an archive of COVID-19 data from Canadian government sources on GitHub. Data are automatically archived with a timestamp each day via a script. Community members can help by requesting new data sources, adding historical data, or contributing to the script that automatically archives the data.

  • Covid19CanadaTrends: An R package to summarize COVID-19 trends in Canada: We are working on developing an R package to summarize case, mortality, and testing trends using our dataset.