Visualizing Canada's COVID-19 epidemic.

Visualize the COVID-19 epidemic in Canada.

Our comprehensive dataset is used to power an interactive dashboard, where users can visualize data analytics and health trends to follow the outbreak in real-time.

Want to explore our case and travel maps in more detail? Check out some helpful tips for interpretation:

The case/mortality maps show case and mortality absolute or per capita counts by health region. Darker colours indicate a higher number of cases/mortality in that health region than lighter colours. If the health region is not reported for a case/mortality, it is not included in the map but is detailed at the bottom of the page in text.

The travel map shows cases exposed through international travel, where reported. Darker blue indicates a higher number of cases associated with travel to that country than lighter blue. Some cases are associated with travel to multiple countries, therefore the sum may not equal the total number of cases with travel exposure. Where specific countries of travel were not identified, these cases were excluded.